Official IMEI Changer Tool for All Phones for Free

Do you want to permanently unlock your cell phone and get all the advantages which a fully and factory unlocked gadget has? If this is what you want then all that you have to do is to get our APK IMEI changer application.
All info related to this application can be found right here on this post, so without further delaying the matter, let’s begin!!!

Efficient IMEI Changer Tool

If you have had it enough with all the restrictions and limitations that your current network operator imposes on your cell phone, then perhaps it is time to do something about it. And what can be better, than to permanently remove the network lock. You may be worried that this is impossible, expensive or illegal to do, but that is because you have not heard about the APK IMEI changer tool.

imei changer tool
Thanks to this application you can solve all the network lock problems on your mobile phone, in legal and secure way for free.
This application is compatible with any mobile phone model.
Just download it from the official website and install it on your computer. Once the installation is complete you can immediately start the IMEI changing procedure on your gadget. On average it takes around 10 minutes to modify the 15 digit code on any device.

So if you have found yourself in hopeless situation and you want to make a change of your network carrier, then the only solution for your problems is the IMEI changer tool.
Many people are stuck using the services of only one carrier, but that does not have to be the case any longer.

The latest software development has brought us the new IMEI Changer tool and you can remove the network lock on permanent basis on your cell phone regardless of the carrier to which it is locked.

Instructions how to change IMEI code

Everything is simple, follow these tips:

  • Get the IMEI Changer app by visiting the official website, or use any other web page which you think it is reliable (this tool is free)
  • Make sure that you want our online video tutorial and check our step by step instructions
  • Connect your cell phone and PC using USB connection and wait several seconds till the IMEI change procedure automatically begins
  • After you are asked, enter the credentials of your cell phone like the current network carrier to which it is locked, year when it was manufactured, brand and the old IMEI code
  • Once you have provided all the required data, press the button “Alter IMEI code”
  • Wait several minutes and the code will be changed

By following the info about it is guaranteed that you will modify your phone’s IMEI code in very short time for free. Try it now!!!

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